Toning Tables

The toning table has come to represent a major advance in the exercise revolution. Toning tables take the 'work out' of working out and enable users to exercise at their own pace, whilst still benefiting from improved muscle tone and flexibility.

The Shapemaster Toning System offers a range of eight individually functioning toning tables Each table is devoted to a major muscle group, and by passive, repetitive isokentic movements, gently exercises a specific part of the body. The overall effect is one of increased muscle tone, flexibility, improved circulation and an overall feeling of well being.

To compliment their range, Shapemaster also offer Mulitimaster system. This singular unit offers a considerable diversification of movement and benefits, all within one table.

For the individual, Shapemaster Toning Systems offer a safe, sensible and effective approach to toning and firming. For the operator they offer an exciting and profitable business opportunity

Tones and tightens muscles in buttocks and hips as well as strengthening the stomach muscles by resistance tension.

This smooth, circular exercise movement effectively tones and trims the entire leg area, including the inner, outer and frontal thighs. Calves are also toned.
The entire midriff area is toned and tightened - putting elasticity back into the abdominal muscles and improving unsightly 'tummy bulge'.
Effectively isolates the muscles of the the inner and outer thighs, toning trimming and smoothing away unattractive 'ripples'.
Gently stretches and relaxes muscles. Firms,tightens and reduces waist, stomach, hips and buttocks. This gentle rhythmic movement can assist with strengthening the lower back.
Strengthens and tightens abdominal muscles in the lower back. The body stretch carried out on the table helps to improve muscle tone all over the body and to trim the waistline.
Exercises and firms entire upper body. By lifting the rib cage, improved posture and shoulder flexibility are achieved.

This dual purpose table gently eases tension and stress from the body, whilst improving the circulation and promoting a feeling of well-being. The assisted rower action can be used as either an 'overhead' or a 'seated' row, toning the chest/ bust upper arms and shoulders.


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